Please Click here to download registration forms for the 2022/2023school year

Last months tuition due upon registration along with $90 maintenance fee (this will be reimbursed in January or May once your 6 maintenance hours have been completed)

Tuition Rates:

3-year-old Tuesday and Thursday $155.00
4-year-old Monday, Wednesday, and Fri $175.00
4 days per week, afternoons only $210
5 days per week, afternoon only $250

Make checks payable to Burnt Hills Nursery School, Inc. Checks may be mailed to the nursery school at 116 Kingsley Road, Burnt Hills, NY, 12027 or placed in the tuition box in the front room of the school (next to the coat hooks).
A 5% discount is available if a full year tuition is paid in one payment, or if two payments are made, one in September and one in January. Tuition is due by the 1st of each month, starting in September. A late fee of $10.00 will be charged after the 10th day. In the event that payment is not received for more than one month, the child will no longer be allowed to attend class.
If the child withdraws by July 1st, any advance tuition will be refunded.

Emergency situations are given special consideration. It is not possible to give deductions on tuition for short or prolonged absences.
Current and incoming families will be required to turn in their paperwork for the upcoming year by a specified date. If completed paperwork is not turned in to the registrar on time, your child’s name will go to the end of the waiting list.

Last month tuition due upon registration.