Our Facility

The Burnt Hills Nursery School provides a warm, loving, environment for children to begin their first experiences in a school setting.

backroom_800x600 backroom2_800x600

Our school has areas to foster growth in many developmental areas, including, a book area, writing center, easels, sand/water table as well as a dramatic play area.


 Our school also provides a large carpeted area where children can build, play puzzles, games, and many other activities.

backyard1 backyard2

BHNS has a large yard for children to run and play; it also provides many experiences for children to use their gross motor skills. We have swings, bikes, slides, monkey bars, balls, and much other fun, yet, developmentally appropriate materials. Our newest addition is the wooden swing set that a BHNS family so graciously donated $1000 so we could purchase it.

On inclement weather days, we use our brand new gym/barn!  This gives the children the opportunity to release some energy and utilize many gross motor skills.